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Legal Innovation Stream - Update Report is out

Co-Creation Programme 1.0

In 2017 The Process Innovation Forum ran its first co-creation program. This program was called CCP1.0. The program covered themes on technology and process innovation. The first objective was to build a framework which would allow co-creation to take place. The second objective was to understand through problem driven workshops to discover the catalogue of pains, existing solutions and a little bit of blue-sky thinking as to where we should head to next.

Legal Innovation Workshops

The workshops were problem driven, using methodologies to drive out broad issues, pains, existing solution and where to next. The general outputs in the room were;

  • The contract structure should reflect the client’s required project structure, not vice versa

  • Too much fragmentation in law

  • Existing contracts do not cater for new risks around digital working.

The future objectives are to continue with broadening themes, carry out deep dives into subject matters through opportunity driven workshops where the outcome will be a straw-man of a potential activity, ready to take forward, either for incubation, to proof of concept or scale a solution to market.

Update Report

The report describes our current thinking in terms of the Legal Innovation.

Table of Contents:

  • We are the Process Innovation Forum (PIF) 2

  • We are democratising innovation 2

  • Our vision & strategy - in a visual form 2

  • Benefits of PIF 2

  • Executive Summary 2

  • Legal Innovation Workshop 2

  • The Economic Backdrop 3

  • UK’s built environment 3

  • First the Blue-Sky Thinking 4

  • Nature of the Challenge 4

  • The Workshop 5

  • Contractual process stream 5

  • Data stream 6

  • Payment stream 6

  • Conclusions 7

  • Video references 7

  • Authors 7

  • The Next Steps 7

  • Our Co-Creation Themes 7

You can download the report from HERE.

Summary Video

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