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Digital Built Environment

Co-Creation Programme 2.0

Challenge. Engage. Co-Create. Transform.

We are inviting the brightest minds to an unprecedented co-creation experience in the history of the built environment.

Our aim is to identify the new ways and a “framework” for our Industry to collaboratively embrace Open-Innovation and its values.

Industry Programme Partners

The Programmed Events for 2018

The Programme, organised in partnership with the Industry Organisations, and consists of a number of events including open-innovation workshops, round-tables, exploration activities aiming to devise an "open-innovation framework" for the Built Environment Industry.

The Programme

Economists know co-creation as a management initiative, or formation of economic strategy, that brings different parties together, to jointly produce a mutually valued outcome.

Why Co-Creation?

We want to enable and bring built environment professionals, specialists, researchers, academics, out-of-the-box-thinkers and digital natives to come together to co-create ideas to turn them into solutions to relieve process inefficiencies.

Press Release

Supporting Programme Partners

Note: Process Innovation Forum is a non-profit initiative that aims to accelerate the digital transformation of the Built Environment. The entire revenue will be reinvested in the PIF`s growth.

Media Partners

#PIFcoCREATE on Social Media

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