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Wearables Technology - The Innovation Challenge

Wearable Technology is rightfully taking its place and being adopted in the construction sector as a practical and non-invasive tool and is driving productivity and efficiency forward by providing real time data.

As the pace of change continues unabated, more and more traditional functions at site are being updated to include new and emerging technologies. This trend is set to continue as we see increasing innovation along with the continued drive for efficiency and productivity that will deliver improved results. Wearables including Camera technology is a cheaper alternative to Drone technology and is increasingly being adopted in the construction industry as a practical and very affordable everyday tool for collecting and sharing data.

Looking to the future of the Construction site we are beginning to see take-up and use of passive and mobile installed camera facilities and monitoring sensors as a valuable strategic component.

As Part of the Co Creation programme in partnership with the digital construction week: This workshop will identify pitfalls and opportunities in the uptake of wearable tech in industry.

...This is a unique opportunity to be part of an innovation workshop that will discuss current industry usage and help shape and define the next steps using emerging technologies.

Why Attend?

  • Help to develop industry direction

  • Understand what is currently being done with wearables and what is possible

  • Be considered for the COMIT working group

  • An opportunity to share your own endeavors, learnings and points to consider

  • Network with other thought leaders

This workshop has already attracted a lot of enquires. Please make sure you register early to ensure you are on the selection list.

Refreshments – will be available at intervals throughout the workshop.

Interested in participating ?

Participation is free, but it is limited to a maximum of 25 participants, to ensure the discussion is action focused, and everybody has a chance to collaborate fully. For this reason we will be preselecting the participants based on their passion and willingness to achieve change and make an impact. If you are one of them we would like to hear from you.

This Workshop is part of the Co-Creation Programme.

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