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Deploying Drones in Construction - Innovation Challenge

UAV’s –commonly called Drones are already providing positive contributions to the construction industry. But there are still major obstacles to the wide spread adoption of the technology and even some potential setbacks if these are not overcome.

As part of the Co-Creation Program in partnership with Digital Construction week: This important workshop will provide the foundation to developing the core foundations of a working committee to promote and deliver solutions to overcome barriers to Drone usage in the construction Industry. Through a structured Open-innovation workshop – participants will share knowledge and experience to identify barriers to Drone usage. We are looking for passionate and skilled individuals to engage, shake up, challenge and revisit the status quo. The group will then bounce ideas around to formulate a vision of the future that eradicates the most pressing barriers to Drone usage in construction. Creating the building blocks of a plan to develop the Industry Innovation Management program of the future. The workshop’s outcomes will be presented at Digital Construction Week. You will receive a summary of the workshop and the next steps that are to be undertaken.

Benefits of Attending

  • Shared experiences and solutions

  • Gain a wider understanding of Drones across the whole construction Environment

  • Influence the Construction industry’s thinking on Drones

  • Network with Peers

  • Be considered for the COMIT working committee

This workshop has already attracted a lot of enquires. Please make sure you register early to ensure you are on the selection list. Refreshments – will be provided at intervals throughout the workshop.

Interested in participating ?

Participation is free, but it is limited to a maximum of 25 participants, to ensure the discussion is action focused, and everybody has a chance to collaborate fully. For this reason we will be preselecting the participants based on their passion and willingness to achieve change and make an impact. If you are one of them we would like to hear from you.

This Workshop is part of the Co-Creation Programme.

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