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Why have we changed our name?

The Process Innovation Forum was founded to help support and accelerate the digital transformation of the construction industry. Its aim was to provide a way to bring innovators in the construction and infrastructure industry together with practitioners to share best practice.


With backgrounds in the construction and technology industry, we identified that there are many common challenges in construction projects, solutions for which have been found and are already being used within different ‘pockets’ of the industry.


Founding principles

What was lacking was a forum to share these innovations and advice so that others operating in the same industry could benefit - whether from process, time or cost efficiencies. So the Process Innovation Forum was founded, providing both a physical space to meet and a virtual space to share best practice online.


For the last three years this model has successfully brought innovators in the industry together with programme leaders and practitioners working on small and large diverse projects, including Crossrail, HS2 and many others.


As a result, we have seen both simple and more complex technology solutions being successfully applied to solve project challenges. From the improved sharing of information across contacts in different companies, to automating tasks and workflows across departments and organisations, with resulting time and cost efficiencies.


Changing to meet the industry demands

However, feedback from participants was that it was becoming difficult to commit time out of their working day to attend meetings. In addition, agendas and challenges vary, and relevance is vital if valuable time is to be spent away from any project.


Recognizing the value of what has been achieved to date, and that the need to apply innovation to challenges in the industry is still in demand, we have now changed our model to better meet the needs of fellow industry professionals and to become more sustainable.

The Innovation Factory still has the same aim to bring innovation to the industry, but with a new approach, working with individuals or teams to identify, manage and apply solutions that can address their business challenges.


We have already carried out many successful projects in this way, helping many companies, from start-ups to larger companies, achieve success. As we look forward, our goal is to build a knowledge bank and online forum community that will continue to serve the industry in this way.


If you would like more information about our consultancy or advisory services, whether as an innovator or if you have a business challenge, why not contact us for an initial discussion?


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