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Press Release - Co-Creation Programme for the Digital Built Environment

​We are the Process Innovation Forum (PIF).

Our Mission is to build a scalable framework where open innovation can take place. This will allow engagement of individuals, industry and academia in the digital transformation of the built environment by allowing innovations and processes to be designed and freely shared on an open platform.

We are launching the Co-Creation Programme and are asking you to get involved.

  • What is Co-Creation? Economists know Co-Creation as a management initiative, or formation of economic strategy, that brings different parties together, to jointly produce a mutually valued outcome.

  • What is the Programme? The Programme consists of a number of events including workshops, round-tables, talks and webinars with an aim to devising an “Open-Innovation Framework”

The Programme is organised by the Process Innovation Forum in partnership with the Digital Construction Week. 1st Round of the Co-Creation Programme will be held across the UK, Spain and Singapore. It will explore the most relevant opportunities and the blockers for the digital transformation of the AECO industry groups.

Our supporters are Innovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Network, i3P, UK BIM Alliance, IET and COMIT. We aim to intensify our initiative before, during and after Digital Construction week by running a series of events and then report their outcomes.

We are inviting the brightest minds to this unique co-creation experience in the history of the built environment. Our aim is to identify the new ways to build a framework that will allow our industry to collaboratively embrace Open-Innovation and its value.

Why the Co-creation Programme?

We want to enable and bring built environment professionals, specialists, researchers, academics, out-of-the-box-thinkers and digital natives to come together to co-create ideas to turn them into solutions to relieve process inefficiencies.

If the built environment is our “company” and the built environment professionals are our “customers”, we aim to serve our “customers” by co-creating ideas, opportunities and eradicating “process pains” faster.

What are the areas of investigation?

The Co-Creation Programme will explore the opportunities arising from the existing “Process Pains” (legal and contractual, pre-construction, education and skills, project controls, time and cost management) and the ones arising from the introduction of the new technologies such as distributed ledger technologies (blockchain), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), wearable technologies and drone enabled technologies.

At its core, the Co-Creation Programme will explore the major blockers of innovation management and identify the future path for the adoption of Open-Innovation in the Built Environment.

When is it happening?

The events have started and will continue from September 2017 and January/February 2018.

Where are events going to be held?

Mainly in the UK, but also in Singapore and Spain.

Who can attend?

If you are a passionate innovator, ready to take action and make an impact in our industry PIF would love you to get engaged.

How to register interest?

The participation is free, and the registration of interest can be completed on

What is the format?

The format is meant to bring a diverse set of participants into an engaging and collaborative environment, where the best ideas can be generated and initiatives devised. It will consist of open-innovation workshops, round-tables and debates. The format itself is being co-created. If you wish to engage, simply register on

Exhibition stand at the Digital Construction Week

The Programme and other PIF`s initiatives will be showcased at the Digital Construction Week. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) will host the PIF`s booth this year. You are very welcome to visit and discuss how can we get you engaged.

Where I can find out more about The Co-Creation Programme?

All the information about the Programme can be found at or via the PIF`s Twitter account @thePIForg and under #PIFcoCREATE.



Download the Press Release Here.

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