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22 May 2018

Co-Creation Programme 1.0

In 2017 The Process Innovation Forum ran its first co-creation program.
This program was called CCP1.0.
The program covered themes on technology and pr...

26 Oct 2017

Co-Creation Programme and The Blockchains Workshop Round-up

DCW 2017 Conference has been enormously successful for the Process Innovation Forum’s (PIF) movement with immense sup...

11 Sep 2017

(Shivani Soni and Viktoria Roy have helped to assemble the material, which formed basis for this Article).

In recent time’s post-Brexit, post-Farmer and amidst the haze of indus...

30 Jun 2017


Having quickly emerged from the longest deepest recession for nearly fifty years, the UK is currently in a stagnated mid-Brexit economy whereby the only certainty is unc...

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