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22 May 2018

Co-Creation Programme 1.0

In 2017 The Process Innovation Forum ran its first co-creation program.
This program was called CCP1.0.
The program covered themes on technology and pr...

28 Sep 2017

Why do not we start at the beginning?

The Basics of a Project: Lean Planning and Pre-Construction

For a long time, in our training programs we used our Theory of 10D BIM Dimensio...

12 Sep 2017

Wearable Technology is rightfully taking its place and being adopted in the construction sector as a practical and non-invasive tool and is driving productivity and efficiency...

11 Sep 2017

(Shivani Soni and Viktoria Roy have helped to assemble the material, which formed basis for this Article).

In recent time’s post-Brexit, post-Farmer and amidst the haze of indus...

11 Sep 2017


  • Demands from clients and government organisations for digitally skilled staff

  • A lack of clarity over the most efficient and fastest way to upskill existing...

2 Sep 2017

UAV’s –commonly called Drones are already providing positive contributions to the construction industry.  But there are still major obstacles to the wide spread adoption of the...

Using blockchain technology to make construction efficient and secure.


Blockchains are expected to have as big an impact on domestic and work life than the internet has h...

12 Aug 2017


AR/VR will greatly improve the core processes in AECO. This will be due to two key features of our industry:

  • We work as large complex teams, and depend on clear c...

6 Aug 2017


  • There is enough evidence, produced in different countries and pertaining to different sectors, that Projects and Programmes keep failing in terms of timely and on-bu...

30 Jun 2017


Having quickly emerged from the longest deepest recession for nearly fifty years, the UK is currently in a stagnated mid-Brexit economy whereby the only certainty is unc...

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