Our Network

 We are an open, multi-disciplinary network of innovative professionals on a mission to challenge and improve the way we plan, deliver and operate the built environment.

clients + owner/operators + engineers + construction experts + lawyers + academics + policy-makers + start-ups + venture capitalists

 The community connects, explores and develops ideas to exploit opportunities for delivering and operating a digital built world. PIF can members can benefit from:


+ access to great ideas and innovation projects 

+ a diverse global network of like-minded professionals

+ an online platform to crowdsource process pain solutions

+ facilitated, solutions-led workshops 

+ a digital hub showcasing real-world, tested and proven innovation solutions.


If you frequently think about re-thinking how the industry works, our forum is for you. 

The PIF Network is for people who:

... Value:

  • Audacity to Challenge the Status Quo

  • Passionate, Aspirational Thinking 

  • Openness & Transparency

  • Collaboration, Inclusion & Diversity

  • Courage to try new approaches 

  • Curiosity and learning mindset

  • Creative, lateral thinking 

  • 'What if' not 'If only' thinking 

... and want to be:

  • Leading change

  • Impactful

  • Effective

  • Creative

  • Constructively Disruptive

  • Making our industry a smarter place to work

PIF Network Structure

We value openness, diversity and inclusion. If you're passionate about accelerating innovation in the Built Environment, we'd love to hear from you...